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The Safeway Seagull type is developed for retrofitting on existing vessels and has been operational since early 2017. The unit is primarily used for our rental fleet and it’s specific features such as 10m vertical elevation range, hover mode, easy plug & play installation makes it the ideal tool for offshore maintenance campaigns.

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The Safeway Osprey type is currently under construction for large construction vessels and is soon available for purchase. The unit is self-sustained with integrated HPU and controls. The gangway only requires the hook-up from the vessel power to operate at any random position on the vessel deck. The unit is furthermore designed with a vertical parking position minimising the amount of deck area required.

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Designed for installation on newbuild SOV’s, the Safeway Gannet is a perfect match for Equinor’s Doggerbank / Dudgeon wind farm O&M scope. Made with trolley operations in mind the Safeway Gannet has a stepless transfer and 1.2m transit width. Gannet combines the advantages of Seagull (hover mode, roll compensation, counterweight and highest workability in the market) with strongly reduced actuator motions.

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Picture of Wijnand van Aalst speaking waterside in Rotterdam with Erasmus bridge in the background

Set for growth

The added value of this partnership, besides the financing we are receiving, is the possibility for us to continue as entrepreneurs, managing our own business. This turned out to be an excellent combination, made possible by the minority stake which NIBC & RPF have taken in the business.

Wijnand van Aalst

Van Aalst Group

Safeway is a Dutch company part of the Van Aalst Group and specialised in the design and production of offshore transfer equipment. Together with the other Van Aalst companies, Safeway is able to provide full services for the transfer of personnel and cargo during offshore operations. With our sister company Techano, Safeway can provide complete 3D compensated cranes next to integrated load handling functionality on the gangways.


With NIBC and Rotterdam Port Fund as equity providers, Safeway is set for growth. Next to building up a large pool of rental units, the company also delivers customised gangway solutions for purchase.

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Operators & training

Safeway has a large pool of qualified operators available to be deployed worldwide. The operators have successfully completed the in-house training and examined by an independent 3rd party.

Installation support

Safeway can provide additional support with the installation and removal of gangways on location. We aim to provide plug-and-play, hassle free services for our W2W client’s.

Service contracts

3-tier maintenance system and condition based monitoring assures the highest possible response time. Worldwide logistics and spare-part management provides the shortest possible downtime.

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Would you like a real-life demostration of one of our Gangways? Part of our commissioning is performed on our wave simulator platform at out testsite. When installed on the WSP,  we can give a demo of the gangway’s functionality.

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