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Do you want to work within an innovative, dynamic and fast growing organisation focused on state of the art technology? At Safeway we focus on joint results, we pay attention to the person behind the employee and we work together in a relaxed atmosphere. Send your application with motivation and CV to:

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Do you want to be part of the exciting upcoming W2W market for passenger and cargo transfer systems?Growing demandThe W2W market becomes more mature with generally accepted working standards and dedicated vessels equipped for this service. Whereas a W2W system presently is considered as a unique asset on a vessel, the increasing demand and future matureness of the service W2W equipment will become a standard element on offshore vessels

Adopted to changing demands
Safeway has the ability to come up with innovative solutions matching future demand. Staying in touch with our client base guides in the right direction for product development.

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The multidisciplinary teams within our organisation are build up of from both a renowned supplier base and own personnel. And we are very happy to welcome you in.

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Watch our video special in which we explore life at Safeway from seven different perspectives.

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Would you like a real-life demostration of one of our Gangways? Part of our commissioning is performed on our wave simulator platform at out testsite. When installed on the WSP,  we can give a demo of the gangway’s functionality.

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