Safeway gangway in action between landing points

Smart solutions, made in Holland

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Next generation solutions,
made by a family owned business.

Safeway is a Dutch company part of the Techano, Safeway can provide complete 3D compensated cranes next to integrated load handling functionality on the gangways.


Sustainability is a key topic for Safeway; it contributes to the Company’s vision to provide Safe, Sustainable and Affordable Transfers at Sea. Sustainability objectives are integrated in the core of the Company and aimed at creating value for Safeway’s stakeholders to provide context for Safeway’s targets and performance.

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Wijnand van Aalst

Third generation in the family owned Van Aalst business, currently managing the group. With a background in shipbuilding and holding a master mariner degree he entered the family business in 1999. Introduced innovative bulkhandling equipment in the offshore industry and diversified into engineering, drill cuttings and motion compensated gangways under the brand name “Safeway” in 2015.


Cees Zuur

Joined Van Aalst group in 2010 as Finance Manager and was appointed CFO in 2017. Over 20 years of experience in senior management positions in the Banking industry. Holds bachelor degree in Accounting and Master Degrees in Business Administration from Erasmus University and University of Rochester New York.


Øystein Bondevik

25+ years of experience within the offshore and marine industry. Holds a long trackrecord as PM and Sales Director for advanced load handling products, within major players as MacGregor, NOV, Frigstad and MHWirth. He is an honorary graduate from the University of Glasgow, Mechanical Engineering.

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