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Sustainability is a key topic for Safeway; it contributes to the Company’s vision to provide Safe, Sustainable and Affordable Transfers at Sea. Sustainability objectives are integrated in the core of the Company and aimed at creating value for Safeway’s stakeholders to provide context for Safeway’s targets and performance.

ISO 14001 certified

Energy transition

The Company is committed to the energy transition through the development of sustainable solutions. Safeway’s ambition is to integrate sustainability in every step of the long lifecycle of our projects, starting from new technological development to the recycling phase.


Safeway is committed to alignment with the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (MNE) of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Safeway’s goal is to follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards as the reporting standard on progress and non-financial performance.

Power consumption & Vessel fuel

Power consumption in kW
(W2W duties at Beaufort windforce 7)

Vessel fuel consumption in ton per day
(during W2W operations)


ISO 14001 certified

Safeway is ISO 14001 (environment management) certified, accredited by independent third party Bureau Veritas. Safeway is dedicated to the environment management to reduce environmental impact where feasible.


35% decrease in power consumption

Gangway itself has 35% reduction in power consumption compared to benchmark motion compensated gangways.


30-40% fuel reduction

Vessel will reduce 30%-40%  of fuel consumption to drive propellers and keep position in case Safeway is used. This is due to:


Larger range, relaxed DP plot

25% Larger telescoping range (10 meters instead of 8 meters) allows relaxed DP plot on vessel. The vessel can move around at greater distance, whilst keeping the connection with offshore structure, resulting in significant vessel fuel reduction.


Hover mode: Less fuel consumption

Safeway’s unique “Hover mode” does not push like the commonly used “Bumper mode”. With “Bumper mode” the 1000kg push must be continuously compensated by the vessels propeller, resulting in significant fuel consumption. With “Hover mode” this is eliminated.


Circularity passport

Circularity passport; Safeway commits to the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) phylosophy and that our gangways are all equipped with circulair passport which identifies the raw materials used and how these can be recycled. In the design of the Safeway the recycling has taken an important role to optimise the recycling


Suitable for biodegradable oil

Suitable for using Biodegradable oil. Safeway’s hydraulic unit is electrically driven. The hydraulic oil could result into negative impact when spilled in the ocean. To prevent negative impact, bio degradable oil can be delivered as an option included in the power pack.

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